Here is a list of my hobby projects. Most of them are web apps or programs. Feel free to email me about one of them. Thanks!


A portal to my bloodsugar, my nickname Type 1 tells you everything.


I made this to generate prettier schedules than my university does.


System information CLI tool.

Fallout Terminal Hacking

This is a fun web-port of my favorite Fallout activity– terminal hacking.

Particle Machine

I rewrote an older version of my particle machine using newer web technology.

Numeral Systems

I made this after discovering the wonders of base 12.

Diabetic Dosage Calculator

I created this as an aid to using a new system of calculating insulin dosages.

What The Color?

I wrote this after finding an exhaustive list of colors and their names (1566).


I made this as a test of my web-app abilities.