Here you can read about what I've done with my music talents. Thanks!


Growing up, my favorite music always involved a group: several recognizable members rather than one with the spotlight. Some of the favorite groups are The Beatles, Green Day, Cake, The Black Keys, and Sabaton. My mother grew up playing piano, my father grew up playing guitar, my aunt grew up playing violin, and I largely liked the music education program at my school.


One of my most fond memories of my music career is when it first began: learning the piano. I recall begging my mom to let me learn the guitar, and she would always tell me that I needed to learn the piano first. Learning the piano was one of the many important events in my musical career: discovering the Beatles, learning the bass, and learning the guitar.

When I first discovered The Beatles, I was introduced to a style of music which I could truly enjoy. Following my discovery of The Beatles, I began to play some of their later work on my piano and eventually decided I would need a guitar. The move from piano to guitar was more difficult that I had anticipated; thus, I moved to the more simple guitar– the bass.

Playing the bass introduced me to The Beatles's earlier work: Please Please Me, With The Beatles and A Hard Day's Night. These three albums granted me the ability to hone my skills on bass and practice moving around the fretboard.

Evan's violin bass
Evan's acoustic guitar

My Discouraging Band Teacher

Throughout my music education at my school I tried to play other instruments, and I found myself very discouraged by our band teacher. I tried to play the saxophone and he made a fool of me when I tried to learn it. Later that year, he confessed that our band class had given him depression and that he would be leaving our school.

The Beatles are my biggest influence

The Beatles are entirely responsible for my learning of the bass, guitar, and drums. I had always enjoyed their music, and when I saw The Fab Four in concert I knew I had to learn to how play.

COVID-19 Songs

Go ahead and click the button to listen to some of the bass lines I recorded during my time in quarantine.

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